The island of the winds is one of the most famous holiday destinations worldwide. The services offered in conjunction with relaxation and luxury are the most important samples of Mykonos in the tourism sector.

But while planning your holiday, you are trying to think of ways to improve their quality and also to devote more time to yourself and your loved ones. Our company is the link between these concepts! Assimomitis Mykonos Rent a Car is the flagship car rental on the island, as our services and reliable cars of all categories prove it! Hospitality is the lifestyle of Mykonos, and this is our first concern.

Save time and money along with luxurious vacation, by renting a car from us, making the most of our services -such as free transportation to and from the airport, port or your hotel! You are also given the chance to drive some of the latest car models of all brands at preferential rates!

Hire a car from Assimomitis Mykonos Rent a Car and our Thirty Years’ experience in the field of luxury car hiring can guarantee you an unforgettable holiday for you and your loved ones!

Assimomitis Rent a Car Mykonos Dexamenes, Mykonos, Cyclades Greece 84600

+30 22890 22113



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